Suppliers in the web processing industries are under pressure. While the quality requirements for print production steadily increase, production speeds have also significantly risen in recent years. Manufacturers must deliver reliably consistent results - at increasingly lower prices and at the highest web speeds.

The result: Changeover time and material use must be effectively reduced and waste almost completely avoided. Whoever wants to keep up as a manufacturer needs first-class technology - for results that are perfect, down to the last detail.

Competent quality control: BST eltromat inspection systems monitor the print easily, comprehensively, and efficiently, for first-class print products . 100% inspection systems use one or more line cameras and constant lighting. The complete web width is captured line by line and displayed as a complete pattern on the monitor. There, digital zoom options are available.

BST eltromat Inspection Systems: Your Benefits

  • High-quality displays
  • High precision, even at high web speeds
  • Reliable defect detection
  • Alarm and warning functions for quick defect correction
  • Versatile application
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When printing or assembling, quality control must not just be easy, but also reliable - the fulfilment of these high demands is crucial for you as a supplier. Here, BST eltromat TubeScan sets new standards through the intelligent combination of imaging technology with the stroboscope principle.

With the digital strobe base function, TubeScan offers you significantly more process reliability. The system always delivers a stable image with good color stability, independent of machine speeds.

The digital strobe+ function not only reliably counts labels and missing labels in each lane or overall, but also reliably recognizes punch skeleton waste over the entire web width.

With the digital strobe++ option, TubeScan becomes a precise print control system that reliably recognizes print defects and registry defects, down to a fraction of a millimeter in defect size.


TubeScan at a Glance

  • TubeScan digital strobe: Base unit / digital stroboscope; quick image sequence with over 30 images per second, shows every pattern repeat in real time, and much more
  • TubeScan digital strobe+: Expansion of the counting and verification functions; recognition of missing labels, rough printing defects, and punch skeleton waste (defect size with an average of approx. 5 mm), and much more
  • TubeScan digital strobe++: Expansion of print inspections; recognition of fine print, register, and color defects (error size with an average of approx. 1 mm), and much more
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