Features & Advantages

Super Conveyor belt

Features & Advantages

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Super Conveyor belt

Features & Advantages

Advantages and Features of Thermo-plasticity PU Conveyor Belt:

  • Feature Advantage
  • High-tech fiber as tensile ply

    Without deviation under heavy-duty conveying

    Stabilized belt size

  • Smooth, Compact surface

The products will not get stuck on the belt

Easy to clean

    The products separate from belt easily

  • Same width of bottom guide and belt

Perfect engagement with sprockets

    Any width by cutting

  • Chemical resistant

Tolerant to common cleanser

    Long lifespan and low risk on hygiene

  • Roundness bottom and smooth edge, easy-clean

Less waste of products in bottom,reduce pollution

    Easy to clean

  • Variety of Flight. Same material of Flight and Belt

Easy to weld

The flights are welded with HF equipment

  • Additional welding rods for Joining

Easy On-spot joining

Speedy and reliable with short downtime

    Smooth surface


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