In the printing industry, the requirements for product quality are high and, in a contested market, increasingly rising. The guarantee of flawless print quality is a deciding factor for manufacturers in order to remain competitive. In order to meet demands, manufacturers were previously dependent on the use of various autonomous quality assurance systems.

BST eltromat International knows the exact demands of the industry - and has thought ahead, for precise printer results and an efficient printing process. With the Increasing Productivity and Quality Center (iPQ-Center, for short), BST eltromat offers a modular product line for the central control of numerous quality assurance functions. BST eltromat integrates web monitoring, 100% inspection, spectral measurement, and further functions into a single system. You choose the quality monitoring modules individually, putting them together according to your project’s requirements.

Integrated Functions, Intuitive Operation

Uniform Operating Concept
Makes the switch between various operations unnecessary, since all iPQ-Center modules and functions are integrated into a uniform surface.

Ease of Operation
Optimally supports the machine operators during long print jobs - and particularly during short ones - thanks to quick set-up times.

Process Sequences: Perfect Flow
The iPQ-Workflow software perfectly links various iPQ-Center modules with each other.

Modular Construction According to Your Needs 
The features of the iPQ-Center are always based on your needs. Cameras, image analysis functions, defect detection, additional illumination, spectral measurement, and further components can be integrated as required.

زمان تحویل: روز

Competition in the printing industry is stiff, and the demands are constantly on the rise. A precise inspection of the printed image is essential for defect-free print products - and thus for satisfied customers.

100% Print Inspection

iPQ-Check is one of the components of the iPQ-Center. As an intelligent tool for quality management, iPQ-Check uncompromisingly combines 100% print inspection with high-quality web monitoring throughout the entire print format. Typical areas for implementation of the iPQ-Check include packaging printing, decorative prints, wallpaper printing, and label printing. iPQ-Check also enables you to identify defects on rewinders, cross cutters, and longitudinal cutters.

With high-performance line cameras, iPQ-Check delivers detailed color image information for an instant read of the print pattern, starting from the first rotation of the print cylinder. Advanced technologies and algorithms ensure a complete and reliable inspection and the immediate elimination of the source of defects. The result: flawless print quality that impresses your customers.


iPQ-Check: Your Benefits

  • Uninterrupted quality control
  • Reliable defect detection
  • Fast defect correction
  • Increased productivity through automatic print monitoring
  • Targeted defect prevention based on the analysis of production records
  • Reduced waste and complaints
  • Increased customer satisfaction


iPQ-Center: The Strong All-Rounder

With the Increasing Productivity and Quality Center (iPQ-Center), BST eltromat offers a modular product line for the central control of numerous quality assurance functions. BST eltromat integrates web monitoring, 100% inspection, spectral measurement, and further functions into a single system. Configure your quality monitoring based on a modular concept.

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