Compact steering roller with one or two rollers for different wrapping variants

Position controller space-savingly integrated

Simple adaptation to different materials by using infrared edge sensors (FR 52) or ultrasonic edge sensors (FX 42, FX 52)

Can be used with web tensions of up to 700 N

Optionally with motorized sensor positioning

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Operating voltage, nominal value24 V DC
Operating voltage, nominal range20 to 30 V DC
Operating voltage nominal range with power115 to 460 V, 50/60 Hz
Current consumption actuating drive AG 24911.6 A DC (manual sensor adjustment)
Current consumption actuating drive AG 25913.6 A DC (manual sensor adjustment)
Nominal width NW400 to 2000 mm

Roller diameter

Roller diameter NW 400 - 800 mm

Roller diameter NW 900 - 2000mm



Nominal actuating travel NW 400 to 800 mmmax. ±25 mm
Nominal actuating travel NW 900 to 1500 mmmax. ±50 mm
Nominal actuating travel NW 1100 to 2000 mmmax. ±75 mm
Actuating speed25 mm/s adjustable
Web tensionmax. 700 N
Positional accuracy< ±0.15 mm (material-dependent)
Error frequencymax. 2 Hz
Ambient temperature+10 °C to +50 °C
Protection classIP 54
Measuring range, infrared edge sensor FR 52±10 mm
Measuring range, ultrasonic edge sensor FX 52 (FX 42)±10 mm (±3 mm)
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