QY series crane dedicated gear reducer

QY series crane dedicated gear reducer

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Product Features

     QY series gear reducer includes two types crane hard tooth surface gear reducers: One is QYS type (3 supporting points) and the other is QYD type (4 supporting points).
It has three models: grade 3, grade4 and the combination of grade 3 and grade 4. The major drive parts adopt high-quality ally steel. The gear reaches the precision grade 6 (GB10095-88) after it goes through carburizing, quenching and gear grinding. It features small volume, high carrying capacity, long service life, low noise and high efficiency. The speed reducer is mainly used for the crane, It can also be used to transport, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, light industry and other machinery transmission.

Nominal output torque-N-mRatio-iCenter distance-mm
2800 - 3550010 - 160160 - 800
شناسه کالا: 2513

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