ZDY-ZLY-ZSY-ZFY series cylindrical gear reducer

ZDYZLYZSYZFY series cylindrical gear reducer

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Product Features

Cylindrical Gear Reducer includes 4series. ZDY (single stage), ZLY (two stages), ZSY (three stages), ZFY (four stages). It is a drive mechanism of external mesh gear on input and output shaft in parallel. The major drive parts are made of high-quality ally steel. The gear reaches the precision grade 6 (GBl0095-88) after it goes through carburizing, quenching and gear grinding. It features high carrying capacity, long service life, small volume, high efficiency and light weight. This series gear reducer is a basic component in the mechanical transmission. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, construction, chemical, textile, light industry, energy and other industries. It is an independent closed drive device between the prime mover and working machine.

Nominal output torque-N-mRatio-iCenter distance-mm
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